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  • Profile picture of Majed Laalou
    active 29 seconds ago
    - "Dear EMGS, My progress stuck at 15%, passport no : 012342885,I hope you can help me. Thank you."View
  • Profile picture of Summar al-Kaderi
    active 36 seconds ago
    - "hello, emgs. for a long time my application status is only 15%.the color is green and i have added all necessary documents. however, i don’t have much time. I have to apply for my visa as soon as possible because […]"View
  • Profile picture of Sujan Miah
    active 50 seconds ago
  • Profile picture of ISSA MAHAMAT ADDIA
    active 1 minute ago
    - "Hello EMGS officer, To be honored, Could you please letting me know that how long does (MQA) Malaysian qualifications Agency issue will takes up?"View
  • Profile picture of Betül AKAY
    active 1 minute ago
  • Profile picture of Manoj Kumar Kuna
    active 1 minute ago
  • Profile picture of tresor tshibangu
    active 1 minute ago
    - "Guys Who’s going to APU for the February intake?"View
  • Profile picture of Nazir Ahmad Tookhy
    active 2 minutes ago
    - "Dear emgs, my status stuck at 35% for four five days. When i will get 75. Passport No: P03803268 New application"View
  • Profile picture of Danial Dawood
    active 3 minutes ago
    - "one week my record still 0% I want to know when I enter to progress My passport is ( 4793404) National:Palestine"View
  • Profile picture of Sara Sherzad
    active 5 minutes ago
    - "Salam. I have a question please, I have applied for a visa and my record ws created on 10/01/2020 but the percentage is 0% with no progress at all. Is this normal??… Thank you."View
  • Profile picture of Efath Yasin
    active 6 minutes ago
    - "anyone from Geomatica Universit?"View
  • Profile picture of Maath Abdullah
    active 7 minutes ago
    - "Dear EMGS, my visa been on 0% for 15 days! since (2020/1/8) , i have contacted my university (uniten) 7 days ago about this matter, and the said that they are waiting for EMGS to process the payment, can you […]"View
  • Profile picture of fardin shekh
    active 14 minutes ago
    - "Hello Dear @EMGS My passport: BT0115132. Bangladesh. im having a serious problem.! I was apply for a photo Amendment 3 weeks ago but still now my progress is stuck on 60% and there’s no updates.! When i ask u u g […]"View
  • Profile picture of Sharmin Akter Mou
    active 17 minutes ago
  • Profile picture of Rabiya
    active 18 minutes ago
    - "Dear Emgs officer, My application is 32% yesterday when I will get 35% when my documents will submitted to immigration department"View
  • Profile picture of Ahmed Ali
    active 20 minutes ago
    - "My progress has stopped in 0% since started 11 days ago,what’s problem ?"View
  • Profile picture of عدنان الاسدي
    active 20 minutes ago
  • Profile picture of Shin Chan
    active 21 minutes ago
  • Profile picture of Anas Algrobi
    active 21 minutes ago
  • Profile picture of Muhammad Ghulam Ghouse
    active 23 minutes ago
    - "Assalam o Alaikum,"View
  • Profile picture of 도현 김
    active 23 minutes ago
  • Profile picture of Noridham Fujiminori
    active 26 minutes ago
    - "Hi emgs im a inti student . My visa progress has been stuck at 15% for 5 days my passport number is c0544210. Please speed up the process im worried that im unable to enrol"View
  • Profile picture of amjad Bathich
    active 27 minutes ago
    - "Hello I submitted my passport to renew my institutional student visa. It stills 80% since 13/8/2019. When can I get my passport?! Knowing that my current visa will be expired on the end of this month."View
  • Profile picture of Gus Helmi
    active 28 minutes ago
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