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  • Profile picture of Y Nis
    Active 20 seconds ago
    - "Hi EMGS Here is the old my passport number B5912514,I have been Renew of my passport and my institution has been sent it to you,Hope you are processing of my document EMGS. I have been waiting for my visa and eval […]"View
  • Profile picture of Muhammad Fiqih Rizqi Chandra
    Active 1 minute ago
    - "My university need you to notify them for submit the declarations for new international students. Would you please notify them through STAR then they will submit the documents? Thank you"View
  • Profile picture of Zabir Raihan
    Active 3 minutes ago
    - "How long does it usually take the progression to go from 5% to 32%?"View
  • Profile picture of AbdulRahman AL Yafei
    Active 4 minutes ago
  • Profile picture of Sucipto Fasmita Raffa
    Active 5 minutes ago
  • Profile picture of Ubdosslam Elmalty
    Active 7 minutes ago
    - "Hi, all EMGS I’m from Libya, am I able to apply for the VAL letter Your sincerely"View
  • Profile picture of Nia Mardhatillah
    Active 7 minutes ago
  • Profile picture of Mohammed Alyamani
    Active 8 minutes ago
  • Profile picture of gowtham raj
    Active 9 minutes ago
    - "Hello emgs hopefully atleast today please release sop before start of 2021 ."View
  • Profile picture of HD
    Active 21 minutes ago
    - "🙁 🙁 🙁 I hope this covid goes away soon because i don’t see ourselves getting Evals while its here."View
  • Profile picture of Tamzid Islam
    Active 22 minutes ago
    - "For E Val application and travel authorization update and discussion for both and new and existing Indonesia Students Follow this link to join my WhatsApp group:"View
  • Profile picture of Khaki z
    Active 23 minutes ago
  • Profile picture of SHORT FILIM JUNCTION
    Active 24 minutes ago
    - "Are new students from india are allowed? To Malaysia! Respond @emgs"View
  • Profile picture of Arselan Ashraf
    Active 24 minutes ago
    - "Something wrong with EMGS mobile app Application tracking option……"View
  • Profile picture of Ahmed Khan
    Active 28 minutes ago
    - "Dear All Kindly listen to EMGS, as we need patience in this situation because its just because of our safety too. Please try to understand and never mind. Thank you."View
  • Profile picture of Vanessa Deak
    Active 31 minutes ago
    - "Hi there! I am going for an exchange to KL in March and, as understood, I have to quarantine for at least 7 days. I am now in the process of searching for an accommodation, but I am curious, when exactly can I […]"View
  • Profile picture of Mahzad Gharleghi
    Active 32 minutes ago
  • Profile picture of khalid atta
    Active 37 minutes ago
  • Profile picture of Nisreen Jaber
    Active 43 minutes ago
  • Profile picture of Sari Ali
    Active 44 minutes ago
  • Profile picture of Yaseen Paracha
    Active 45 minutes ago
  • Profile picture of Rukneldin Mohamed
    Active 48 minutes ago
  • Profile picture of Mustafa AJ
    Active 48 minutes ago
    - "To whom it may concern, My name is Ali and my passport number is: A8189258 I only apply for studying in Malaysia because your government said that “international students are allowed to enter the country” sin […]"View
  • Profile picture of Dianna Trisnawati
    Active 50 minutes ago
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