• Abdia posted an update 1 week, 6 days ago

    @abdul-latifabdulai are u in malaysia now ?

    • Not yet. My flight is 21st March.

    • Can you explain single entry visa process?abdia?
      And the payment system?

      • First created and account and then upload passport biodata page and eval payment can be made via credit card or debit

        • Thank u bro
          But i want to pay from one peraon in Malaysia.
          So what is the option to pay Ringgit?
          If i apply today and upload the slip Tomorrow then is it ok?
          And there is no photo requirement?
          Please bro reply

        • They payment is in ringget even u r not malaysian they calculate with ringget, its oke if u create today n make payment tomorrow and there no photo required coz u already upload at apply eval,, now make and account first then ask me where u not understand 😊

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