• It should take 7-10 working days from 8th January provided no additional document or clarification is required. Once approved, the percentage goes up to 70, not 75. Good luck!

      • My classes start from 22nd. And visa stamp also takes 5 days max. I’ve heard that immigration office takes class dates into consideration?

        • Unfortunately they don’t take class dates into consideration.

          • Hence why they apply rules u should apply at least 3 months before your intake/reception date to gives enough time to obtain VAL, SEV, and procedd of student pass endorsement. My intake is at march but i forced my uni to apply val now because this whole thing could take months to complete and i dont wanna miss my intakes and being delayed again.

            • I had to give my exams first, then i could apply. My university assured me that i’d get the val early since they take classes date into consideration. If i had known it would take this long i would have applied for the next semester.

    • My is stuck on 35% since December 26th I don’t know what’s taking so long it’s green but still no updates.

    • As long as the status is green, you need around 10 working days.

    • Hi Abeer Abid,

      Please be informed that the approval process takes 7 working days, however the approval is solely at the discretion of the Immigration Department.

      Have a nice day.

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