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    - "@akinwandekagmail-com that is the one I was able to download. I’ll just print a coloured copy of this then make a photocopy, right? Thank you very much brother."View
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    - "Anybody from Nigeria who recently applied for SEV should kindly assist with the documents required and also the charges. Thanks"View
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    - "Hello EMGS…. thank you for responding to all our queries so efficiently. I am in a process to visa renewal and my status is 50% and I submitted my passport to the university visa unit. As I am expected to be […]"View
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    - "Dear EMGS officer. I am getting these emails. This says its 2nd notification. I have to submit my passport in immigration unit in my University. But my registration is on 25th of August. Should I ignore these […]"View
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    - "Thanks to God my visa is out"View
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    - "Dear EMGS I would like to thanks to you for your kind support and help and your quick response on every quiry.. my VAL was approved and now it is available to download thanks alot for your quick response on every quiry."View
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