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    - "Hi, does anyone know how to get VDR? I need it in order to acquire SEV as I am existing student and my visa has expired on 2021 March and I applied for renewal for 2021 March- 2022 March and is halfway aspending […]"View
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    - "Hello EMGS, I am currently outside Malaysia and my visa is nearing to the expiry date. I still need to get my final graduation results from my institute and the personal deposit. What happens to them if my visa […]"View
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    - "hi, EMGS I would like to ask, how is the procedure to extend student visa if we don’t stay in Malaysia? Can we do it through Malaysia embassy in our home country? The student visa itself will be expired on […]"View
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    - "Hello EMGS Thanks for VAL, I tried to apply for evisa but its show that my VAL is not student VDR reference no. What should I do now. Regards, L1641280"View
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    - "Hi I want to make WhatsApp group of those students who wants to join UTM in September. Kindly those students who r going to join UTM contect me on my whtsapp number which is + nine two three three five nine […]"View
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    - "Dear EMGS officer. I am getting these emails. This says its 2nd notification. I have to submit my passport in immigration unit in my University. But my registration is on 25th of August. Should I ignore these […]"View
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    - "@faarih Hi,i am abhijeet plz wapp me (+nine one eight two three five six three two zero two nine)"View
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    - "Am from India going to UPM. Anyone from India?"View
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    - "Something wrong with EMGS mobile app Application tracking option……"View
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    - "I’m looking for the sharing accommodation with good facilities for my daughter near UPM with a female student. Indian or Pakistani prefrred. Please contact me Whatsapp -zero zero nine six five-triple five d […]"View
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    - "@abhijeet1605 Hello. Sorry I was not online for a long time and could not reply to your previous message. I am from Bangladesh. And I applied for sev through an agent to Malaysian Embassy in Bangladesg"View