• Don’t go after agents get it done directly from embassy or Malaysian consulate. Malaysia offers eVISA too to Pakistanis so that’s an option too. Visit their website or call for additional information.

      • Have you done so? If yes please send me the link. Regards

      • Its okay to get it done by Agents as they will email and send everything on your behalf and they charge 100 dollars only .

        They will book your pickup from Airport and your hostel booking as well .

        I would suggest to go fr some agnt so you can have the clearer picture of your fees ,Subjects offered , hostel etc

        • Aren’t these things being already taken care by the university itself? It’s better to get guidance from the coordinator of university in which you have got admission

          • Yes ! University Person will be responsible but it will be alot of emails to settle down things .

            If you can manage you can proceed with that as well .

            But my suggestion is to do with the registered agents with the designated Unis .

            As it will be there headache.

            I am doing Masters from Limkokwing now ,before that i did my bachelors from INTI UNi from 2013 till 2016 but still this time i went through agent as things are different everytime .

            So its on you totally

            • Well I haven’t got my VAL yet and once I receive it my plan is to go to the embassy directly to get my SEV as I live in Islamabad and it would be much easier to deal everything directly. BTW I’m also going to Limkokwing for PhD 😊

              • I dont know i just mis clicked or what i am not seeing my comment .

                That is great . Just wanted to add up they mentioned in my offer letter that classes will start from 14th October but they started on 1st of October and now i have to take this module again next month .

                For PHD classes also started from 1st of October . But its okay Manageable as you can take 2 modules in 1 month .

    • I’m waiting for VAL then I will decide how I will proceed thanks for the information. But I think he is over charging you as Malaysian VISA doesn’t cost this much, I have been there to Malaysia before. But since you already submitted so wish you all the best. BTW what I read about the rules and procedures it shouldn’t take this much time as you already got VAL so SEV should be issued in max 3 days as per the information provided on website.

    • Wait what? According to official website of Malaysian high commission the SEV fee from Pakistan is 20 RM which is equal to approx 743 PKR I just checked

    • I wonder why didn’t you opted for eVISA option since it’s total cost including processing fee is around 5000 PKR and processing time is 24-48 hours

    • Plesiosaur refer to page 7 of this document it’s about eVISA for students which is also an SEV for students who already have eVAL

    • Hi Atif,

      Students from Pakistan may apply for eVisa or obtain the Single Entry Visa (SEV) directly at the Malaysian Embassy in your country.

      For information on eVisa, kindly visit the website below:

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