• when did you apply for it? it’s recommended to apply 7-10 days before your flight

    • Hi,
      1. Make sure when you applied you received the TAC on your email.
      2. You should be using Gmail.
      3. While you applied you must received reference and code number.
      4. And it will take 3 working day’s to confirm.
      These are some related issues which could be delaying your process, if not then contact their email address ASAP.

      • Hi Mr. Alam, have you arrived in Malaysia safely? Do you have any new advice or experience to share with us?

        • Hi taha,
          Yes i arrived on 13th December safely without any hassle alhamdulillah! What i can say, i didn’t face any difficulties.
          Yes btw the rt pcr which had taken by airport authorities will be updated after 3 days, so i got mine today 15th alhamdulillah it’s negetive.
          And what i can see is many ppl facing difficulties in booking their home quarantine.
          So lemme tell you where I’m doing my quarantine i book this as where I’m residence there I don’t have attached toilet so i decided to book this residence temporary and it’s affordable and even they provide 3 time meals (food’s are good tho) and Android tv for entertainment.
          The residence name is sunway waterfront residence. They will charge you for 7 day’s quarantine RM 1400 including 3 times meal per day.
          Besides this i know some affordable clinic nearby as before pandemic i used to live here only as I’m studying in sunway University so yep that’s all. Can reply to me for more information.
          Thank you.

          • Sorry for soo many typos haha, i just woke up…

          • Thanks Saif for your quick responce. It helped alot. 🙏InshaAllah I am planning to come to Malaysia in February 2022. I will text you if I have any questions. Have a great day.
            And sorry Aymen Javed that I asked my question in your comment section.

    • Hi,

      Please be informed, that we advise you to refer to the relevant authorities to advise you on your inquiry.

      Thank you

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