• after your student pass finish, you can submit dependent visa via your institution (university)

    • Brother, This is outside of your question. I was wondering how your experience at VFS was or if you’ve submitted your SEV application or perhaps in the process of doing so? I was hoping to hear about your experience. Many thanks

    • Good day sir have u gotten your single entry visa. If yes please how many days does it take and how much do u put in the account u used for the process.

      • Single entry visa takes about 10 days officially although it’s never up to that except there is/are public holiday(s). How much you will put in your account is dependent on your circumstances, whether you are on scholarship or a self sponsored student. But make sure you have enough to cover your first year tuition and living expenses which again is a function of your intended location in Malaysia as well as your school

      • Good day Yusuf, no I haven’t gotten my SEV. However, I’m in the process of it. It takes 10 working days and I think your sponsor should provide account information on how he/she intends to fund your education. Perhaps 2-5M should be enough

        • Ok when do u apply for the sev

          • In the process. The first part is to authenticate your documents in Abuja at the Ministry of Education and apply for an eligibility letter at Foreign Affairs. Usually it takes 3 days if you pursue with alacrity. If you’re coming in for BSC it’s advisable you get NDLEA clearance, get your yellow fever card at the port health as you need the latest yellow fever report card. Once you’ve that, you’ve covered most of the fundamentals

          • If I may ask, what stage are you in?

            • I have submitted my application

              • Oh awesome then. May Allah grant it a successful one. How long ago did you put in your application with VFS? Did you find the process any easy? Any tips will be great. Many thanks

                • Just submit the needed doc any wait but in most cases it does not take long may between 3 t0 7 days that I have seen before working days

              • Thank you very much. Eid Mubarak

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