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  • Bule posted an update 2 days, 14 hours ago

    • What type of student ur?

    • Hi,

      We thank you for your kind feedback.

      Have a nice day.

    • Hey man, when did your university send your letters and how long it took until you got your val, because I applied since march 2020 and it’s in progress with the immigration since 17/03/2020. I am genuinely worried that my application is glitched or forgotten

      • Please,kindly liaise to your university.
        They Will provide you any information about your progress.

    • I am new applicant and my eval is now on 35% and on the process. Can you tell me how can I apply for my TA and do we have to apply for the both in the same time or I should apply for TA after I get my eval. Waiting for your kind feedback.

      • No need Brother.
        Just waiting for your Eval until your visa approve by Immigration Department,You Will get Travel Authorization at the same time.
        Just wait with patience,We all at the same condition.
        Rest assure,They Will processing of your Eval.

        • That’s so nice of you by saying it like that. I am waiting with patience brother. Thank you for your kind reply and best of luck for your future.

          • Most welcome Brother.
            Also i’ve been waiting for my eval since March 2020.
            And yesterday i got it.
            All of us Will too.

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