• As long as you got your passport back with the visa, dont mind what it says.

    • Hi Dani,

      For such an application, students are required to liaise with their institutions directly, as the Student Pass endorsement will be done at the state Immigration Department.

      Have a nice day.

      • Was it due to some issue with the application, medical document or any other documents that this had occurred?
        Could you please clarify this?
        Usually EMGS sends to immigration when the status is at 90%. Does this mean there was an issue with the application?
        Thank you

        • @dani_5 Institutions can obtain the Student Pass with EMGS or directly at the state Immigration Department. If the Student Pass is being obtained at the state Immigration Department, the institution will require a supporting letter from EMGS. Once the supporting letter has been collected or couriered to the institution, the application will be closed. Any follow-up with regards to the Student Pass endorsement needs to be done with the institution directly.

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