• Hello Faiza ,

      You can apply on

      First you need to create an account , after that fill in your passport num and your details will come ( your application ID , Uni name ) etc.
      This will appear automatically.

      After that you can apply for travel auth , please keep 25 to 27 days gap between flight .

      After u receive the Travel auth send some necessary documents to Malaysian Embassy in your country and travel .

    • Hi Faiza,

      Kindly follow the steps provided by @waleed_37. Just to add a few other details:
      1. You need to be an existing student in order to apply for the travel authorization
      2. Applicants from India, Indonesia, and the Philippines are barred from entering Malaysia from the 7th of September until further notice
      3. Upon issuance of the travel authorization, you are required to download the letter of undertaking (LoU), and proceed to apply for the Letter of Approval (Entry Permit) from the Malaysian Mission in your home country
      4. If you are from a visa required country, and your Student Pass expired whilst you were outside of Malaysia, you are required to apply for the single entry visa (SEV) upon issuance of the Letter of Approval (Entry Permit).

      Kindly read the full entry procedures on our website:


      Have a nice day.

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