• Exactly. He said existing and new students

      • What I know is the announcement is for both new and exist students. However, as the practice in Malaysia everything should b redone through procedures. Mean, there are some SOP should be issued from the government so the new students can follow. Usually such procedures will take 10 days to 14 days. The government issued the announcement but the implementing departments are now putting the free details, after that they will give the green light for new students to enter. I think this wil be by end of January or mid of February

    • Yes he did say existing and new. The people here who are saying it’s only for existing are just creating fear and doubt for everyone. We just have to wait for the guidelines that are to be released by immigration/emgs only then can we be certain.

    • Not to mention that another article had also mentioned that all international students can return to campus. For international schools though, only the ones with visa can. School =/= University. I hope emgs or immigration give us clarity on this subject this week. Praying for a good outcome for all of us 🙂

    • My brother, please don’t confused yourself. You will recalled that quarantine period was reduced for travelers arriving Malaysia recently. The information on EMGS was an update on quarantine period for students. The information was also referring to the decision taken on the 14th December. How dies it related to the information taken on the 22nd December. EMGS is yet to give update on this new directives
      1. PURPOSE:

      1.1 Based on information stated in previous bulletins issued by EMGS, all existing international students that are allowed entry to Malaysia must undergo the COVID-19 detection test and fourteen (14) days quarantine at designated quarantine stations by the Malaysian Government. All expenses for the student’s entry into Malaysia will be borne by the student.

      1.2 In accordance to the latest directive issued on 17th December 2020 (Ref: KKM.600-29/4/146 Jld.8 (91)), the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) has now reviewed the health screening procedures, COVID-19 detection test and quarantine period for travellers arriving in Malaysia from overseas.


      2.1 Effective from 14th December 2020, all existing International Students arriving in Malaysia must meet the following conditions:-…..) This is the information. Don’t let us confused ourselves please.

    • Hi Handa,

      Please note that we will provide you with an update once we receive further instructions from the relevant government agencies.

      Have a nice day.

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