• hasib khan posted an update 6 days, 4 hours ago

    @translation Hi I have a query. My emgs application is currently at 50% and they have asked for me to submit passport. But my passport has gone for special pass endorsement. I was thinking that if my university can apply for student pass renewal directly at state immigration office after getting my passport back and supporting letter from emgs. I have emailed emgs about it too. I need to be back to my home country by the start of march and by seeing cases here on forum I am afraid I wont get my passport back till then. Can you please tell me that would it make a difference? Also what exactly does 80%,90% updates mean? Does it mean my application will still go through immigration before the issue of supporting letter of emgs and at 90% my university will go to state immigration office anyway? I am very confused please help me

    • To start with, 80% means you have to submit your passport to the university so that it can get the sticker from immigration. 90% means the sticker has been issued.

      In theory, if the university chooses to get the sticker from the state immigration department, the process should be light-years faster than through the usual way. In my case, the sticker was issued on the same day that the passport was submitted. In practice, however, nothing is guaranteed. It may take 14 working days or even more, apparently because of the large work that the immigration department is handling.

      The key to your issue is to get emgs supporting letter as soon as possible then to follow up closely with your university and make sure they take note of your urgency and expedite the process from their side (that is not to delay submission of your passport to the department). Once the passport is with the immigration department, there would not be much for you to do than waiting. It may take time and is almost impossible for you to get your renewal by early March.

    • Hi Hasib,

      Generally, if your passport is currently processing for special pass, we will only be able to begin processing your renewal application once the special pass application has been completed.
      However, kindly send us an email providing us with your passport number in order for us retrieve your application details and assist you accordingly.

      Thank you.

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