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      Kindly refer to the relevant authorities for further advise.

      Have a nice day.

    • Mine got rejected

      • @Jamal Waseem, how many days it took to give the result?

        • Two days

          • @Jamal Waseem, I applied yesterday, but I didn’t get any result yet. I applied yesterday last hour of the Malaysian office hour though. Why did they reject you?did they write the reason of rejection?

            • I didnt get any email from them 😩… i just checked the status of application and its showed rejected there

            • My student pass is expired but i have got my travel authorisation and SEV, still they rejected my dependants travel pass

              • @Jamal Waseem, bro, TA and SEV is not enough to get the approval. They have written that only valid student pass holder can apply for their dependents. Means you have to enter Malaysia and you have to get the sticker first. Once u will get the 1year student pass on your passport,you would apply for your dependents. As far as I know…

                • @Imtiaz hosaain these things are so disturbing how can we leave our 1year 2 or toddlers behind and enter alone apart from our families praying everyday.we are standing still the same place when the dependants are allowed no1 is answerable no EMGS nor immigration that a mother can’t leave her 2 years old child alone to travel back to home to his father to her husband. This covid- has ruined our lives . We are internally dead

                  • My child’s MTP got rejected today with the reason that principal (student) doesn’t have valid student pass. On the other side when I am holding TA and my visa is already got renewed . But see nothing

                  • @imama 2u, your husband doesn’t have valid student pass?

                  • @imama 2u, do one thing. Try to renew your husband’s student pass. Then apply for your child. It will take 3weeks to renew his student pass. Then you can apply for your child. And meantime your SEV and TA will have still validity. In shA Allah

      • Hasan replied 1 year ago

        Why it got rejected?? Any specific reason

      • You applied through university or yourself ?

    • You applied through university or yourself ???

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