• Best of luck bro, happy for you. Don’t know when is your flight, but have a safe flight to Malaysia.

      • Thanks alot❤️
        Do you have any idea how much is it gonna take to issue my Val ?
        It started just this morning

        • Bro you won’t need anymore money to issue your val, you already paid for it.

          • Bro one more thing, whichever university your in, email the admin of the university and tell them to forward you the pre travel preparation checklist. From there you would know what to do next.

            • Bro you’ll need to sign some more documents, apply for visa. That’ll take about a week. 7 to 10 days quarantine in a hotel in malaysia. Then your free as a bird.

              • My application already shows that the Val will be out from 7-10 day from today
                But i was wondering if it could come out earlier
                And i already have all of my documents submitted and approved

                • No bro it wont be possible to come out earlier, the rules are set by the government of Malaysia.

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