• Tahseen Shams posted a new activity comment 1 day, 18 hours ago

    @kashef , not a brother, sister lol. And as far as i remember my university started my process around end of feb, after lots of documents submission this and that alhumdulillah i finally got my eVal

  • Zaroon Khan posted an update 4 days, 2 hours ago

    @kashef hello can i get a reply for my question thanks

    • Dear, you can pay them after arriving KL. It would be nice if you carry 4000 RM with you. B’coz they would not accept in Dollars and the exchange rate here at the airport is very bad, you will lose around 53 to 55 RM in 100 dollars exchange. Online is another fine way to submit your payment.

      • Are you aure because it is a requirement to show proof of payment as menttioned in the requirements before arriving.

    • I am here at KL. I didn’t book any hotel nor I paid online via my safe travel. I paid them at airport and its up to them where they give you stay.

  • @kashef please can a candidate pay for visa processing fee directly at emgs because is not in the payment option given by the emgs authority. If it is possible can a candidate uploaded the transaction teller just like that of telegraphic transfer? Even though I haven’t been provided for doing. Please I need clarification.

    • Hey aminu, no you can’t pay directly to the EMGS. You have to contact your college/university and pay the fee’s to them and then your institution will contact the EMGS.