• Khalida Waseem posted an update 4 years, 3 months ago

    @aadil_2 where are you from ? And which University would you like to apply ? Which course?

    • I am an Indian citizen and presently in Saudi Arabia till June 7.I have applied for my P.hD in University Malaysia Pahang

    • Dear Brother,
      You must know that your University is in charge of getting your visa, not you directly. You must send all the scanned copies of your documents to your Institution then they will create your application with EMGS. You must be in regular contact to your University. They will do everything for you. First ask about your counselor then he or she will guide you.

    • Dear EMGS Officer,

      Thanks for replying. I do agree. My point was for who students whose institution has applied for them. They must contact their institutions for any issue regarding their application.

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