• I have enrolled in the UTM Foundation Program, it’s very effective and I was greatful to enroll in the Foundation program

      • Great to know that and thank you for the reply. In my case, the offer letter I received from UTM stated that I am required to enroll in the foundation program, I want to know if the courses taught in the foundation program are the same for all the students or the courses differ according to the field of study that the student is going to join during his bachelor dergee?

        • Hello
          I am going to UTM Johor Bahru this September for Chemical Engineering for bachelor’s but they did not say anything to me about enrolling into foundation program.

          • I applied for bachelor of Physics, and the offer letter stated that I am required to attend the foundation program, I emailed UTM via their email that was mentioned in the offer letter and they told me that I have to attend the faculty foundation program, but when I contacted the Faculty of Science (Physics) I was informed that there is no foundation programs at UTM. I’m a little bit confused.

        • Well basically I’m an engineering student, so our foundation was Mathmatics, Physics and Chemistry as an engineer student you will definitely need to focus in those three subjects the foundation helped me not only academically but my international friend who did not attend the foundation got a GPA of 2.9 he said if I took the foundation I would get higher GPA and I think he is right from the foundation and before I enter my faculty I was familiar with UTM the school system the places and everything

    • This is my last question please. In my case, as an international student, am I going to attend the foundation program normally as stated in the offer letter?

      • Yes you will have to do the Foundation program as stated in the offer letter, then you will be enrolled in to your Bachelors degree given that you meet the minimum GPA requirements. And the reason why the Faculty of Science said that they did not have foundation is because you will have to do the foundation at a school in UTM, so that is like a totally different department that is why I think they said that.

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