• Hi Masihullah,

      Submit your passport to your institution. Only institutions can submit passports for endorsement.

      Have a nice day.

    • Tejas replied 1 year ago

      Hi EMGS officers,
      My passport no is T8023394. There are some issues with my application. It’s 15% yellow now. 2 days back there was 4 issues now i see only 2 issues in my cellphone. Kindly comment what happened with the rest of the two? One more thing is How should I send my required docs to comply ?

      • @tejaspatil The other application issues were closed. Kindly forward the documents to your institution and request that they submit the documents to us.

    • Emgs is a one-stop shop, which means it does on our part all interactions with multiple agencies relieving us from the burden of travelling from one place to another to follow up on the applications. Some documents have to be submitted by you in the initial steps of application. Then, it is solely an interaction among emgs, immigration and your university. This includes the passport which can be exchanged only by the three agencies mentioned above. With this being said, surrender your passport to your university and they will take it from there.

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