• Dhawan Shohan posted an update 4 years ago

    @md-enamul Thank you Sir for your kind information.I already submit my passport for reissue,when EMGS noticed me 15%. Now my appeal 80% & I download this. My question when I show my Offer latter & Val Our Embassy ,then they can give me Vissa?
    Because I applied EMGS my old passport .

    • buddy. what I think you should deposit both passports at embassy… so that they are clear abot the problem…. once they understand and hope you will get SEV. Regards

  • Dhawan Shohan posted an update 4 years ago

    @md-enamul Today I download my VAL,but have some problem.
    When I submitted my application I can’t realize my father name are can’t same in my passport & certificates. When my Val got 15% they informed me. Then I talk them to take certificate. Then I submit passport reissue for change my father name. So this Val and my old& new passport face any…[Read more]

    • Dhawan, Good day buddy. I am not sure about your home country. However, what I could learn over 5 months reading the comments at this website, my general understanding is that you should take immediate action to solve this issue. A long delay may cause permanent rejection of your VAL application. If you are from Bangladesh than my suggestion will…[Read more]

      • @Md Enamul hello sir i think you gonna through rejection process, my VAL is rejected at 09/01/2018 but i don’t know valid reason for rejection can you help me with knowing which kind of reasons valid to apply for appeal?


        • Hi Deep, none but only your college / university will know the exact reason of your VAL rejection reason. You should contact your college / university to get it know and send them the required document/s. Your university will appeal on behalf of you and I hope you will get your VAL. Regards.

  • @md-enamul salam brother
    What was your rejection reason?!

  • @md-enamul Did you got Val’s approval or did not get it yet

  • @md-enamul Did you get VAL approval or did not get it yet