• MD Amin posted an update 2 years ago

    • 35%. 15 working days left.What can I do?several time I contact emgs but no result

      • Alaa replied 2 years ago

        Why don’t you contact the immigration directly ,it’s there now not with EMGs

    • Your own is moving fast just wait

    • emgs said to wait 7 to 10 working days but today is 15 working days.

    • have any way to contact immigration directly? @Alaa

      • Relax man!!! why in such a hurry!! if u try to contact immigration regarding the approval they will get mad at not only you but also everyone. be patient!

    • my application approval taking long time frame.That’s why worried @ anik

      • It did say 7-10days, that is if everything is normal. Now near cny I guess that why it’s slower. On their website it will say 2-4 week and NOT 7-10 days. So just be patient

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