• As for government institutional quarantine, I don’t quite remember the details. They asked for vaccination to decide on the quarantine period and for the tentative flight date and time in addition to the name of the flight carrier. And of course there is a payment to be made.

    • @talha_13. Brother Talha. Since you got home quarantine approval, would you please guide our brother Mohammad through the documents that he needs to submit for the application? Highly appreciated.

    • hi mohammad, i applied for home quarantine on tuesday. the documents required are:
      First page of your passport
      Vaccination certificate in english or malay
      Travel authorization
      Flight itinerary
      Preferable if you upload your existing rental contract
      They also require the address where you will be staying as well as information regarding how many people live in the house, number of bedrooms with attached bathrooms, person with chronic illness etc

      • Dear mariam
        Thanks for yr reply,butvi do not have rental agreement,since 2020 i cone back my home and i never come back malaysia,because of that i do not have any place for staying.
        its sopuse to be rent a new house when i reach there.
        so,just now what should i put for HQ application.
        and dear mariam,
        i am going to be ready for book a flight for one week later and apply HQ in same days,is it enough time or no to recieved HQ??
        many thanks

        • Hi mohammad, if you do not have a rental agreement then you are not eligible for home quarantine unless you sign a lease with a property owner for home quarantine. Because you are required to enter your exact address and location on the applicaiton, if you do not have an address then the application will be incomplete
          HQ approval should be applied 10 days before your flight

      • Dear mariam…
        really i am confused….how can i make contract,??,i would like to rent a house after arriving malaysia after quarntine..
        just now,,i could not rent and make agreemnt,,so,what should i do??
        how can i use Gov hotel??
        Or can i book a room??
        or can i get to ky friend house???
        please some body if have any info really plz plz,help me to know that,,

        • yes you can quarantine at a hotel. you can apply for hotel quarantine at mysafetravel. hotel costs 150rm per day (7 days if u are fully vaccinated and 10 days if u are partially or unvaccinated), PCR tests cost 250rm

    • Hi,

      Please be informed that we advise you to refer to the relevant authorities to guide you with your request.

      Thank you

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