• Tamhid Ismam posted an update 6 years ago

    @jahan hey plz response.

    • Be polite and you will get your answer.

      • Please wait as there is a major time difference

        • I m also in Malaysia right now and i m being polite i guess 🙂

          • There is difference in Courses. I am in PhD programme. After my student sticker I can leave malaysia so yours must be something else so you can contact your institute in this regard.
            As I heard from people here Immigration sometime create problem in Visa renewal. My opinion is still there keep yourself busy and give yourself time of 2-3 weeks you will be ok here.

    • No I can’t bro 🙁
      I called MMU and they said I must be activated in program and apply for leave of absence. It’s possible I guess. I can’t live without my parents..I just can’t. They’re more than my career to me…

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