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    - "Hello EMGS, please I would like to know the process of entering Malaysia entering Malaysia. I’m an international student with a valid visa and I’m fully vaccinated with my booster shot. I would like to know the […]"View
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    - "Please how long does home quarantine application takes…I applied on Monday evening 6:00pm Malaysia is Friday 6pm malaysia time ..I haven’t gotten any response about my application yet ..and I was tol […]"View
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    - "Hi"View
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    - "@tinashem my application have been rejected due to medical issues pls what can I do? And can I reapply?…thank you"View
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    - "Hello everyone. Good day. Is anyone registering to USM, Penang on 10th Feb?"View
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    - "Hi EMGS officer. I have an issue regarding my name in my passport is 3 names, while in my certificate is 2 names. They said I should go get attestation letter from my embassy regarding the issue. Will I have to […]"View
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    - "Hello Emgs, I wanted to ask , for existing student that wants to come to malaysia in January do they need to apply for the travel authorization before coming to malaysia ?"View
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    - "Anybody from Nigeria who recently applied for SEV should kindly assist with the documents required and also the charges. Thanks"View
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    - "Its how many days take 95% to 100%"View
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    - "When i want to renew my Student Visa should I do again medical Checkup.! I already do it when i come First Time"View
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    - "Hi, I downloaded my eval ,do i need to get a single entry visa and i am from sudan"View
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    - "Mobile app not working today"View
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    - "Emgs now the immigration department have rejected my Application val what are the school going to do about it please I want to know explain to me"View
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    - "Please my approval was at 38% but i later saw rejected on it ,what can caused this please"View
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