• Is your University a public or private University?

      • Yes UTM. However, I did it and submitted without knowing. Now my VAL was approved at 38% . Bro I need your opinion on the next line of action which is SEV application at Abuja Embassy

    • University Technology Malaysia. UTM. I did it anyway, since on the application portal of EMGS it was clearly stated as a requirement and there is no clause that public universities applicants should not upload medical screening reports.

      • Please kindly wait till you get the eVal. Then, you can proceed to VFS Abuja to apply for the Visa with other required documents. Meanwhile, you can pre download the Visa Application form and checklist of other required documents on the website of Malaysian High Commission of Nigeria, Abuja.

        • Thanks bro. May I know like how much is the expected balance on ones bank account statement?. My programme is self sponsored

          • You are welcome. You are not using your own bank statement of account but that of your sponsor. So, the expected balance should be reasonable amount. The statement of account have to be printed at least two weeks to the day you will be going to make application for the Visa. Also, the statement of account and the bank reference letter must be stamped with the bank’s stamp. The letter of sponsorship of your sponsor can be written on a plain A4 paper…

            • wow! Thank you.
              1. So I am not allowed to sponsor myself as a PhD student, correct?
              2. When you say reasonable, like how much on the minimum or where would I get access to such information.? tnxs bro

              • You are allowed as a PhD… In that case you can use your statement of account or that of your salary account preferably…

                Reasonable balance? I really cannot say precisely… You welcome anytime…

            • Hi Kazeem
              At least 2 weeks means what? Print out should not be earlier than 2 weeks or later than 2weeks. I dont get it.

              • Two weeks prior to the date of your submission for Visa Application…. If you are submitting today. Means, the statement of account must have been printed within two weeks to today.

                • Oh well understood now. Tnxs KZ. One more thing, do I need to provide NIRC and telephone no of my proposed university (UTM) in malaysia. These are required on the visa application form. If yes where do I get NRIC and phone no of my institution?

                • You are welcome sir. NIRC not compulsory… But for phone number… I think that should be contained in your offer letter. If otherwise, then, you can leave that blank too.

                • Thank you bro. What of duration of proposed stay. What do you suggest in case of PhD study which is 3 to 4 years? This is for SEV application purpose only

                • For the duration of proposed stay… You can include the number of months as contained in your offer letter…. But if the number of months is within the range of two years… Then, you can include between 3 – 5 years. But 5 years is the maximum for PhD.

                • ok bro. pls could i get u on whatapp? zero eight one two four eight four five four one eight.Nigerian code. I need some in depth stuff. thank u

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