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    - "Hello emgs, I have a question for val extension. My val vadility gone on 19th September 2021 . So I want to go to malaysia at November . So How to val extension? Kindly explain me"View
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    - "@rabiyairfan786-2 Hi! Did you get any updates on your VAL correction yet? & Any idea how long it’s gonna take???"View
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    - "Hlw I am Marajul Isalm.My emgs right now 70 and it says that my val is ready for download can anyone tell me how can i download that?!"View
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    - "Dear EMGS, I am a current student but I had to cancel my VAL and apply for new one. My new VAL was rejected at 50% so my institution appealed then the mco happened. But in emgs it still shows rejected and there is […]"View
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    - "The iium is the best Islamic University across the Asia BCZ of it’s professional teaching & searching methods and it’s best Islamic environment SO’ I am very happy & Lucky Inshallah here."View
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    - "Hi EMGS officer! Kindly let me know that is it mandatory to go to Kuala Lumpur or we can go directly to Penang for USM? Iam going to Malyasia for very first time. Thank you."View