• Based on your country if SEV is required for you to enter into Malaysia, you need to get it from Embassy. Either thru Consultant or direct.
      I applied directly to OSC Centre of Malaysian Embassy in Chennai

      • Why didn’t you apply for eVisa? The processing is very simple…you don’t need to go any agent or OSC centre.. It will save time and money both..

        • Isn’t eVisa supposed to be for social visit? The SEV has ‘to obtain student pass’ written on it. I’m confused as well. I’m about to apply for SEV on Monday. Any clarification will be appreciated.

          • I assume you have received the VAL alreay as you are planning to apply for SEV. eVisa is SEV as well. Difference between normal Visa and eVisa is there won’t be any sticker/endorsed/seal of Visa in your passport. eVisa will be provided to you through email. You just have to take the print out of the eVisa. eVisa is not applicable for the first…[Read more]

            • Thank you very much for the prompt reply. This is not my first visit actually. I’ve had too many visits to Malaysia. Almost every single time I’ve travelled using the eVisa. My concern here is the ‘purpose’ of the visa. eVisa is solely for tourism and has to be accompanied by a return air ticket. Will that not be a problem at the immigra…[Read more]

              • Regarding eNTRI I don’t anything brother.. So I can’t say anything about this.. Sorry brother..
                I know what you said brother..
                But for study purpose the case of eVisa is different. You don’t have to show the return ticket. In the eVisa it will be clearly mentioned for the issuance of your student pass. I have come to Malaysia on 4th of this month…[Read more]

          • Shahzad. sev means you can enter Malaysia for a specific purpose and that you have to do something inside Malaysia to get a multiple entry visa. Malaysia does not give students permanent residence but miltiple visa. That is why we enter Malaysia with a sigle entry visa and once the immigration dep is happy with our application, it gives us the…[Read more]

    • Yes, you need to get a single entry visa from the Malaysian embassy of any of your neighbouring countries.

    • That is right. You need to get the visa from a Malaysian embassy.

    • Hi Wqase,

      Students from Iraq are required to obtain the SEV at the Malaysian Embassy at any of the neighboring countries to Iraq.

      Have a nice day.