• xinyu le posted an update 4 months ago

    Dear EMGS,
    My passport no :E87393192,
    application no: E#########.
    Hi,My visa status still at 15% for few days, could you please help me to check my visa application and issue my EMGS approval letter ASAP? Because I need the letter for UM postgraduate self-enroll before 24th September. The date is nearly and I’m afraid that I cannot enroll in time. Sorry for causing any inconvenience, your help is very appreciated!!!!

    • 你好,我也申请到了um今年的硕士请问你的academic result是怎么公证的呀?我发学信网的认证他们不认可但是没有回复怎么办,我也急着enroll。冒昧打扰,盼复。

      • 我是海本,不需要公证,你直接去你们当地公证处公证就行,加vx说嘛?seeyouloh-3-

    • The condition color is yellow or green?

    • Hi,

      Kindly liaise with your institution on this matter.

      Have a nice day.

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