SEV Requirement – China and India

  1. elly kipkoech 3 weeks ago

    Hallo Sir/Madam.My passport no is AK0611565,My concern is that students who came after me,their application is 100% as of yesterday,mine is still at 90%.Kindly check it for me thanks

    • EMGS Officer 3 weeks ago


      Kindly be informed that your passport has been submitted to the Immigration Department for Student Pass sticker endorsement. The issuance of a Student Pass will take approximately 14 working days from the day we receive the passport. Based on our records, we received your passport on the 17th of April 2024.

      Kindly do not compare the application progress as the Student Pass approval is solely at the discretion of the Immigration Department of Malaysia. Please allow the Immigration Department time to process your application. We assure you that we will notify your institution once we receive an update on your passport.

      Have a nice day.

  2. Atta Ur Rehman 2 weeks ago

    Respected EMGS Officers!
    Kindly let me know how much time is required to obtain IKad? I have completed all my steps and I have received my passport and sticker visa also . Who will issue my IKad and usually how much time is required for it?

    • EMGS Officer 2 weeks ago

      Hi Atta Ur Rehman,

      We are glad to assist you with your enquiry. However, in order for us to check the application status we would need your full name and passport number. To keep your details private and confidential, please email us at enquiry(at) and we will assist to check your application.

      Have a nice day.

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