South East Asia Escapades – Visit Cambodia

While you are in Malaysia, you need to take advantage of the low air fares to visit some neighbouring countries in South East Asia. One of these countries is Cambodia.


For less than Rm500 …….or even Rm300…… or even less than ……..RM100, you can get a return ticket to Cambodia. It just depends on you and your online shopping skills. Flight tickets can be really really well priced for you to experience South East Asia.

Siem Reap

Siem Reap is the location of the Tomb Raider movie featuring Angelina Jolie and it is home to Angkor Wat the largest religious monument in the world with a site measuring 162.6 hectares. There are many other monuments in the area and so much to see.

Pnomh Penh

Pnomh Penh is the capital of Cambodia and you can take a 5 hour bus ride from Siem Reap.

Here you will see the historical “killing fields”, a site of a dark moment in human history. This is the scene of a genocide that took place in the 1970s and this tour is a remarkable history lesson.

You can also visit the fishing village where a whole community gets around by boat.

Have a movie night with your friends and visit the Flicks movie cinema which is the coziest cinema in Pnomh Penh.

Travel like a backpacker, sleep in a dorm for as little as RM40 per night, and go up to the balcony to hang out in the evenings. Meet other tourists, make friends and have the time of your life.


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