Academic Progression

If you have graduated from one level of study and would like to move on to a higher level, EMGS provides you an easy channel to do so.

You can apply for a New Application known as a “Progression” application. This type of application enables you to progress from one course to another upon completion of the previous course.

For example, if you want to study for a Diploma at a private higher education institution, you need a Student Pass. Once you complete that Diploma and wish to progress to a Degree Course you will need to apply for a New Student Pass.

You cannot convert the old student pass or carry on studying a different course using the same student pass. This is because the Student Pass issued contains details of the specific course you are registered for. Undertaking studies for a different course or at a different institution would be contrary to the terms of your Student Pass. This is a breach of immigration rules.

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  1. Me Too 7 years ago

    Dear EMGS Staff, many thanks for your great help, support and effort with all of us. Have a nice day ^_^

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