ADULTING: The One Thing You Never Expected To Be So Hard During College

Ya….Fat Mike gonna tell you about “ADULTING”! Bet you didn’t expect that didn’t ya? If you joined a military academy or some hellhole that ensures that you are really “ADULTING”, then no need to read on. You know the drill. This post is for those of you who do NOT know……yeah I’m talking to you. We know you haven’t done laundry for weeks now.

Establish a daily routine
No one is going to tell you when to go to bed. PS4 or Instagram will not be accountable for your lateness the next morning. Mom is not there to check if you have clean clothes. So do the following:
1. Come up with a check list.
2. Get things done i.e. (wake up, eat breakfast, go to class, have lunch, go to class again, chill with friends, do an actual sporting activity, take a shower, eat dinner, study if need be, chill and sleep before midnight).
3. Sleep! I used to go to bed at 6am. I suffered. The end. You really need 7-8 hours of sleep. Yes, I used to go to McDonald’s at 3.45am. I don’t regret it but I used to feel so sluggish the next day. Going several days without enough sleep lowers resistance. In other words, plan properly and get your sleep on.


Incorporate physical exercise into your daily routine
You have to pick up some kinda activity. It’s college. You have enough time. Yes we all know that ”I’m in college” and “healthy lifestyle” do not really relate but it takes care, planning, and actually working hard to be fit to be healthy. Ride your bike or head over to the gym. Remember to make it fun and bring a friend.

Mental Health
You ARE in a high risk group for depression. True story. Keep yourself happy. It’s a must. Also: do not be afraid to ask for help. Do not feel embarrassed or ashamed. Tell your bff how you’re feeling. Always keep in touch with family. Build new friendships. You will be okay….lol.

Lastly: Set goals.
Accomplishing something highly motivates you and others around you. If there are specific things you are good at, work on them and master them. Finally you’re almost adulting.

It’s okay if you struggle to structure your days sometimes. The key is to be consistent. Do not just YOLO it out y’all. Imagine you completed college and you are still the same as when you first came in. FAIL!

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  1. Sheikh Ibrahim Bulala 6 years ago

    Thanks to EMGS for the great advice
    I’ll really work towards it all.

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