Avengers on Campus

If you thought Black Panther was the blockbuster super-hero movie of the year, then think again!! Marvel has done it again, releasing yet another sequel for the Avengers franchise, and like fine wine it keeps getting better. On the 23rd of April 2018 Marvel released “Avengers: Infinity War,” featuring a cast of all the Marvel superheroes. Now that’s some real stuff right there – all our favorite superheroes in one movie (drops jaw). It definitely doesn’t get any better than this. With that in mind we are going to look at some of the Avengers characters who are definitely walking around your campus. YES – you have Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, etc walking around your campus, or maybe sharing a house with you. After reading this article you will surely be on the lookout, if not already having a few names in mind (yourself included – LOL).


We all know what Tony Starks’ personality is like – arrogant, proud, and sarcastic. It’s safe to say these traits are easily found on a university/college campus. Even though we love Tony when he suits up and gets ready to save the world, we can’t seem to separate him from the appreciation of his playboy status.

On your campus, you are guaranteed to find people who see themselves as gifts to humanity. However, such people’s eagerness to help others in time of need makes them appealing. Even though they are mostly considered self-centered, these people can put their lives on the line to save others when it matters most.


These are the quiet ones in class, but come Friday night outside of the classroom the beast within them will be unleashed! I am not saying they become vandals and cause a commotion like Bruce Banner when he is upset; these students’ party monster is unleashed when they are placed in an environment conducive for partying. Who would have known that the quiet and reserved person in the classroom can be the life of the party? Interestingly enough such people, much like Hulk let their inner beasts out but in the morning they fail to recall what transpired the previous night. Any names come to mind?


The campus Captain Americas are those trusted students, whom everyone can count on because they have other people’s interests at heart. These students are different from those mean and stingy ones who don’t even share notes with you. (So cold bro! So cold.) Their kindness and selflessness work more like the Captain’s shield. Believe me you can count on the Captain Americas to always have your back no-matter what. My advice to you – never take these type of students for granted.


WAKANDA FOREVER!! The campus Black Panthers are those low-key students who possess either intelligence; wealth; or some sort of unique talent but do not see the need to show it off to everyone. Just like how King T’challa keeps Wakanda’s vibranium hidden from the world, so do these students keep their lives private. You need a Black Panther in your crew!


The Black Widows of your campus are those students who look really attractive or appealing and seem very much approachable because they have that pretty look that sets them apart. Be warned though because these students are more than just a pretty face. As a well-trained super-spy, Natasha Romanov has the ability to disguise herself and fit-in in any place. In the same way, the campus Black Widows are able to fit perfectly well in any group by blocking any bad vibes and stealing the show.


The god of thunder, hailing from Asgard had difficulties adapting to life on earth. The same can be said about the campus Thors as they struggle to adapt to the new Malaysian environment and the college way of life. Despite having challenges to adapt to life on earth, Thor possesses an incredible amount of power. Campus Thors glory in their own areas of power – intelligence, wealth, sporting prowess, etc.


Peter “Spidey” Parker’s enthusiasm and excitement to join the Avengers can be equated to that of a freshman when they join college. Just like Peter Parker, the campus Spiderman just swing themselves into things they probably aren’t prepared for because they want to prove themselves and fit-in among the rest. You will find these students involving themselves in almost everything and available almost everywhere.

This group of students can somewhat be considered as immature, and some people might find their childish behaviors a bit irritating. But despite all of that you can’t help but fall in love with these students or at least enjoy having them around. As time goes by they will become more mature as college life starts to throw more responsibilities their way.


The Guardians of the Campus (Galaxy) are those group of students who seem to never be away from each other. You will never see them walking around individually because their life revolves around the group they have formed. They might be taking different courses or having different classes but they always have a way to be walking together as the whole group or at least a part of it – never alone.

Just like the Guardians of the Galaxy, this group is made up of students with different characters which makes the group more unique; if not weird. I mean how do people with such contrasting personalities manage to get along and form such a strong friendship? But then again that’s what makes them unique and outstanding.


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