Best Courses and Universities to Study in Malaysia

You’ve chosen to study in Malaysia? Great choice!

Malaysia has got a great selection of courses that will give you quality education which I’m sure many of you are looking for. Whether you’re a high-achiever looking for the best of the best or just not sure yet of what or where you would like to study, hopefully this list of the best courses offered by Universities in Malaysia will help steer you in the right direction. This list is based off the QS World University Rankings by Subject for the year 2017 and the courses that are listed are only those that have managed to get in the top 50 world ranking.

Best Universities in Malaysia by Subject (Top 50 in QS World Ranking 2017)
• Electrical and Electronic Engineering
o University Malaya (UM) – Ranked # 23
• Development Studies
o University Malaya (UM) – Ranked #26
• Hospitality and Leisure
o Taylors University – Ranked #29
o University Sains Malaysia (USM) – Ranked #32
• Mechanical, Aeronautical, Manufacturing
o University Malaya (UM) – Ranked #33
• Mineral and Mining Engineering
o University Sains Malaysia (USM)- Ranked # 35
• Chemical Engineering
o Both University Malaysia (UM) and University Sains Malaysia (USM) tie at #38
• Theology, Divinity and Religious Studies
o International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) ranked at #46
• Education Studies
o University Malaya (UM) – Ranked #41
• Environmental Sciences
o University Sains Malaysia (USM) – Ranked #49

I’m sure you see a lot of University Malaya (UM) in that list. This well-established university is the oldest university in Malaysia, ageing over 100 years old! This university ranks #125 in 2017 in the world and predicted to be #114 in 2018, which is a big deal given that there are over 20,000 institutions out there! Think of the bragging rights that you would be entitled to. But if you think that University Malaya is not the university for you, maybe you can do some research on the other four universities in the top 5 universities in Malaysia according to QS World Ranking 2017.

Top 5 Universities in Malaysia (QS World Ranking 2017)
1. University Malaya (UM)
2. University Putra Malaysia (UPM)
3. University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)
4. University Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)
5. University Sains Malaysia (USM)

If that has not convinced you that Malaysia is a good place to get an education, maybe this will. Did you also know that Kuala Lumpur is ranked #41 as best student city and being the #1 in terms of affordability? Well, now you do! If you would like do more research on how these courses, universities and student cities are ranked, feel free to visit the QS World Rankings website.

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