Best Places To Satisfy Your (Halal) Chinese Food Cravings

Living in Malaysia, we are lucky to be able to experience food from many different cultures. For those of the Muslim faith who cannot consume some Chinese delicacies, it is good to know that there are Chinese Muslim restaurants that serve up delicious food that can be enjoyed by all. If you are looking for some Muslim-friendly Chinese dishes, try out one of these restaurants that we’ve compiled for you!

1. Homst
Homst has been around since 2002 in Taman Tun, but today there are additional branches too. Their entire menu and prices are available online for your viewing. Be sure to try out their unique dim sum selections, like their BBQ Bun and Halal Siew Mai. They also update their website with new outlet information, so you’ll know if an outlet is opening near you.

One of their must-try dishes is the salted egg yolk softshell crabs. With crispy batter, salted yolks, fresh crabs, curry leaves, and chopped chilli padi, there’s no difference between having this dish here or at a regular Chinese restaurant.

For dessert, don’t miss out on their Chinese pancakes! The crispy pastry and sweet lotus paste will leave you wanting more.

2. Mohammad Chow
Want a meal with a view? Then Mohammad Chow is for you. You’ll get a splendid view of Bukit Antarabangsa from their restaurant, located in Damansara Perdana. Those looking for a reasonable lunch that’s Halal should consider their lunch sets, which are affordably priced. Besides this, they also have an extensive menu for ala-carte and dinner orders. They also cater, and you can order online.

The chicken buttermilk is a go-to dish for those who love rich, thick, and creamy sauces. The cili padi will give the dish a slight punch, a good punch.

For vegetables, the Hong Kong kailan with salted fish is a must-try, made with good quality salted fish and crunchy fresh kalian.

3. Sharin Low
There are plenty of restaurants under Hj. Sharin Low, but the establishment at the Chinese Chamber of Commerce has made a name for itself on Jalan Ampang. With traditional wooden interiors and marble top furniture, Sharin Low Grand brings its diners back to a time long past. The restaurant is quite popular with the crowds even until its closing time at 11pm. Their menu is extensive, though don’t expect them to have cod on hand at any given time.

One of their most sought after dish is the black pepper beef. It is soft enough to be mistaken for ostrich and has a good balance of sauce and marinade that isn’t too overpowering.

Their fish paste taufu and sei dai tin wong (stir-fried vegetable mix) is passable even for a regular non-halal restaurant.

4. Jibby Chow
If you are in the vicinity of Subang Jaya, then Jibby Chow should be a familiar name to you. Their Chinese Muslim restaurant is open at Courtyard Mall every day, from 11:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. Their menu features seafood, classic Chinese favourites, as well as some fusion-inspired recipes too, making it the perfect venue for the whole family.

The steam fish at Jibby Chow is what most raved about. It is said to be really good and worth every penny you plan on spending!

If you prefer fried rice or noodles, you can opt for their signature Kam Heong and prawns fried rice or Wanton noodle soup with prawns and baby romaine. A selection of fresh starters and soups are also available.

5. Muhibbah Seafood Restaurant
Located on Jalan Seri Penchala is Muhibbah Seafood, and they are open for lunch and dinner. They are also known for their seafood dishes, so this is a good place to enjoy Chinese style seafood that is also Halal. Muslim customers will also be happy to know that the restaurant has prayer rooms available on their premises.
Well known for its scrumptious deep fried sotong (deep fried crunchy squid) served with a sweet, sour and spicy sauce.The flavours are great and yes, its reasonably priced.

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  1. Emma jerry 5 years ago

    All the dishes looking delious.

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