Safety is a choice you make: Stay alert!

Safety is one of the key factors one takes into account when deciding to move abroad. However, with that being said, most people tend to move to a new country without doing any background research especially on the crime rate and safety. Malaysia is a safe country, but this does not mean one can take things likely and not be cautious. Always remember, opportunity makes the thief! As safe as Malaysia is, just like any other places, it has its own share of crimes. The most common street crimes in Malaysia are snatch theft, pick-pocketing, and residential burglaries. Safety is not limited to crime only. In this article we will share some tips for staying safe at the hostels, on the streets, and at the shopping malls.

Hostel/Apartment safety tips

  1. Do not leave your passport, jewellery, important documents and other valuables unattended. Be sure to lock up your valuables in your room/apartment.
  2. Purchase a padlock and keep your doors locked at all times. If you stay on a low level floor, be sure to keep your windows closed when you are not at home.
  3. Make sure the gas stove is switched off after use
  4. Close all taps and switch off all plugs when not in use
  5. Report any leaks to the hostel/building management

Safety on the streets

Snatch thieves

Snatch thieves are normally 2 men on a motorcycle/in a car who approach their victims from behind and snatch their handbag or anything they can get their hands on including phones, necklaces, watches, etc. These thefts can occur at any time or place. So how do you avoid being a victim of snatch theft?

  1. Always be alert when walking, and be aware of your surroundings. Avoid being on earphones/headphones when walking.
  2. When walking on the sidewalk, keep your bag on the other side not on the side where the road is
  3. Avoid walking on streets with poor lighting, and taking dark alleys or shortcuts
  4. Keep your expensive jewellery tucked in your shirt/t-shirt. Exposed gold chains are a huge attraction to snatch thieves
  5. Avoid using your phone/tablet when walking on the street


Beware of pickpockets if you are using public transport like trains or buses.

  1. Keep your wallet/purse in your front pocket
  2. Make sure your handbag is tucked under your arm and closed at all times
  3. Instead of keeping your phone in your pocket, you can hold it in your hands as you transit to your destination

Car Thieves
  1. Do not leave your keys in the ignition when at the petrol station or when you leave the car parked for a few minutes as you attend to something
  2. Lock your car doors at all times even when driving
  3. Do not leave your car parked at deserted places
  4. Always keep your house gate closed and locked when your car is parked in the yard

Safety at the shopping mall

  1. When withdrawing money at the ATM make sure not to reveal your pin to anyone
  2. Avoid withdrawing stacks of cash at once
  3. Take care of all your valuables as you shop
  4. Do not leave your shopping bags unattended especially when eating in restaurants or fast food outlets
  5. Check your surroundings when you park at the mall car park. Park in well-lit parking spots
  6. Do not leave valuables such as laptops, mobile phones in plain view in your car. Put valuables in the trunk of your car or cover them

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