When you’re sick of the city: Cameron Highlands beckons

Cameron Highlands is one of Malaysia’s popular hill resorts. Located north-west of Pahang, the resort boasts a great history as well as cool temperatures. Temperatures in this small district range from mid 20s to lower than 16 º C. Cameron Highlands is surrounded by a vast number of vegetable farms, and it is the main producer of tea and flowers in Malaysia. The hill resort prides itself in tea plantations, flower gardens, vegetable farms and strawberry farms.


Verdant views and refreshing temperatures lure travellers from around the country (and beyond) to this hilly region on the westernmost edge of Pahang state.

 Tea Plantations

Tea plantations are one of the major attractions in Cameron Highlands. Visitors can learn about the tea making process at the tea factories. There are four major tea plantations in Cameron Highlands:

Boh Tea Plantations (Main Plantation)

Thain producer of tea in Malaysia is Boh Plantations Sdn Bhd. The company has 2 tea plantations in Cameron Highlands – the main Boh Plantation and the Boh Sungei Palas Plantation. The company’s production capacity is close to 3000kgs per hectare, and their annual production is 4 million kgs of tea.

Boh Sungai Palas Tea Plantation

This plantation is owned by Boh Sdn Bhd and it situated north from the main plantation. This plantation is normally full of tourists and it can reach a high capacity during holiday seasons.

Cameron Valley Tea Plantation (Bharat Tea Plantation)

Bharat is the second biggest tea producer in Cameron Highlands. The company’s trademark brand Cameron Valley tea is produced at the company’s tea estate in Tringkap. The company’smain tea estate is a major tourist attraction, featuring two tea houses which serve fresh tea, scones, various cakes, English biscuits, as well as strawberry jam. The tea houses not only serve fresh tea, but they also sell souvenirs.

Visit a strawberry farm and pay by weight

 Strawberry Farms

Strawberry farming is such a profitable business in Cameron Highlands to the point that residents associate themselves with the fruit. You will find strawberry souvenirs; pillows; toys; jam; ice-cream and many other strawberry inspired delicacies. There are even hotels named after this popular fruit in Cameron Highlands. A majority of the strawberry farms are located around Kea Farm, Tanah Rata, and Brinchang. In order to attract visitors, most of these farms allow strawberry picking by hand during the high production season which runs from May till August. Charges for strawberry picking range from RM50 to RM60 for a kilo of the strawberries picked.

Vegetable Farm

The hill resort boasts of great agricultural activity, with all year vegetable production. Vegetable farms are situated throughout the highlands, but most of them are inaccessible to tourists. There are also organic farms in Cameron Highlands.


One of the tourist spots at Cameron Highlands are the numerous markets which sell local produce. These markets sell everything produced at the highlands.

Night Market

Night shopping is refreshing. The weather is even cooler and you can find some unexpected fruits, plants and flowers for sale.

Brinchang Night Market

This weekly night market in Brinchang is operated on Saturday nights. All the highlands’ produce is sold at this market at a cheaper price. During public holidays and school holidays, this night market will be operational on a daily basis.

Tanah Rata Night Market

This night market is smaller than the market in Brinchang, however it sells everything from local produce to street food. Just like the night market in Brinchang, the Tana Rata night market is operational on a daily basis during school holidays and public holidays.

Day Market

Kea farm market

Kea farm market is a popular fruit and vegetable market in Cameron Highlands selling the finest highland produce. Aside from the highlands’ fruits and vegetables, the market also offers souvenirs, potted plants, and honey.

A must for all nature lovers. And even the city lovers are likely to mellow here.

A must for all nature lovers. And even the city lovers may just turn mellow here.

 Mossy Forest

The Mossy Forest is a natural tourist attraction in Cameron Highlands. The forest is covered with vegetation that only grows in an environment that is consistently cool, wet, windy, and misty. The forest is mostly covered by mist and temperatures range between 10 to 18ºC.

Cameron Highlands’ Mossy Forest is located at ridge of Mount Brinchang, which is thehighest mountain in Cameron Highlands. The view from this mountain includes the hills and valleys below the mountain, as well as the plains that lie at a distance from the mountain. The view at night is also breath-taking, featuring a good gaze of the stars and the lights of Ipoh city. Tour operators in Cameron Highlands organise a daily guide through the mossy forest, offering tourists a perfect view and experience of this natural wonder.


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