Easy Peasy: Newbie’s guide to Uni!

Welcome to Malaysia! The first few weeks of moving into a new country are never easy for most people. For most students it will be a completely different way of life – new weather, new food, new people and different cultures. In this article we are going to provide you with a few tips that will make your transition smooth and help you settle well in your institution.

Organize accommodation

Prior to your arrival in Malaysia it is advisable to liaise with your institution regarding accommodation options. Students can stay either on campus – that is the hostel accommodation offered by the institution; or campus – private residences which students need to arrange on their own.  In order to make your settling in less stressful it is advisable that you understand and adhere to the rules and regulations of your housing area. In the event that you decide to live off campus, it is advisable to find a place that is close to your institution.

Attend orientation week

As part of the settling in process, it is essential to attend the orientation week organized by your institution. The orientation sessions provide you with more information about your institution, rules and regulations, as well as the university resources available. During orientation your institution can arrange for workshops which include opening a bank account in Malaysia, as well as lessons on the Malaysian laws. As part of the orientation week, your institution can organize outdoor trips to local attractions.

Start socializing

Interacting with other students is a good way of settling in. It is advisable to take advantage of events organized for new students in order to make new friends, both foreign and local students.

Join student organizations or clubs and societies

Join any of the student associations or clubs in order to meet new people and adjust to the new environment. These associations are open to students from all countries and they organize regular trips, events, and activities on and off campus.

Explore your new area

Take a walk or bus around the new area you live in. As you explore the new area, locate the nearest police station; bank; bus stop/train station; and shopping mall for the sake of your convenience. The more you explore and interact with the community, the more you will settle in perfectly.


  1. Kuganesh Jacker 7 years ago

    Thats true and l like how it can be easy peasy.

  2. Ynnev Haon 7 years ago

    remember that time a cow ran away in UIA?

  3. Fahad Alharasi 6 years ago

    for me every thing was normal because every thing goes in an organized and accessible format

  4. Naseer 6 years ago

    Very interested because I’ve never travel out side Nigeria and am coming to Malaysia for PhD at upm,very soon

  5. ibraheem_2 6 years ago

    Can’t wait to experience lifestyle in Malaysia

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