EMGS Student Stories – Part 1

  1. Allen Joseph Gomes 7 years ago


  2. Md Rupom 7 years ago


  3. Omar Ojarov 7 years ago


  4. Mehedi Hassan Jumman 7 years ago

    I want to go to Malaysia subject of deploma in hotel management….whose colleges are 100% approve me???

  5. Moawiah Alghizzawi 7 years ago

    Great country at all

  6. Sana Ullah 7 years ago

    So, there is no Bangladeshi student studying in Malaysia. 😀

  7. Qaalid Axmed 6 years ago

    Its very good counry

  8. Tayyab Prince 6 years ago

    This is fantastic country

  9. sh salman 6 years ago


  10. STEPIN EDUCATION 6 years ago

    Students cannot find a part time job in order to manage their living cost. If students do part time job the immigration will catch them without asking them whether they are allowed to work part time or not. Secondly, there is no career opportunities in Malaysia for foreign students and quality of education is very low as compare to cost. I would recommend to students that better consider USA, UK, Australia, Canada or other EU countries for a quality of education and better career.

  11. Mohammed Bah 5 years ago

    Great Video

  12. MOHAMMED MUSA 3 years ago

    I corrected the mistake that I didwhile filling the declaration form.and also attached the offer letter and send it to my school.pls request the documents from them. My passport no: A11223397

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