Experience winter in Malaysia at Genting Highlands

Are you green with envy scrolling through your friends’ breath-taking photographs in the cold, snow-falling countries on Facebook or Instagram? Don’t you wish you could buy and wear those fancy jackets and fashionable boots while enjoying a cold weather?
Well, don’t be jealous! The good news is that you can experience ‘winter’ in Malaysia as well, and luckily without having to spend a fortune on long-haul flights or travelling thousands of miles.
Genting Highlands Resort provides you with a chilling spot resting on the peak of Gunungulu Kali, 1800 meters high; a total escape from the city hustles and heat. Too lazy to drive there? Well, you can grab the Genting Skyway and fly up enjoying a bird’s eye view of the surroundings.

Dubbed the city of entertainment, Genting Highlands provides a wide range of fun activities with its current indoor activities and upcoming outdoor activities, casinos, nightlife, and several other attractions including the Chin Swee Caves Temple, Genting strawberry farm, butterfly wonderland, happy bee farm among many others

Malaysia without food? – Not only does this sound weird, it is IMPOSSIBLE. Get ready to savour and relish the various cuisines in Genting amid the great atmosphere, beautiful sceneries and cool weather. A wide range of restaurants are available offering different cuisines to satisfy your craving – be it a craving for Malaysian, Cantonese, Japanese, Western, Middle-Eastern, Asian, Western, and Chinese – you are guaranteed to find them there.
Genting also provides a broad range of luxurious hotels to spend your holidays or weekends. The resort features the First World Hotel which was awarded the world’s largest hotel twice, in 2006 and 2015 by the World Book of Records – definitely worth the visit isn’t it? Most exciting of all is that each hotel comes with a huge package of premium and retail outlets for the shopaholics to spend their time. From designer fashion, sportswear, shoes, accessories, luggage to handicrafts and souvenirs, Genting provides a whole new world of shopping experience. Make sure you visit the Asian Cultural Village, First World Plaza, Sky Avenue Genting, to mention a few.

Resorts World Genting Senior Vice President in hotel operations Edward Holloway (right), receiving the Guinness World Records certification for First World Hotel as the World’s Largest Hotel from Guinness World Records adjudicator Alan Pixel in London

Maybe winter without snow is not actually considered winter for some. Well, we have a solution for that – The snow world of Genting awaits you with a magical world of sparkle and snow whichever day of the year you like. So, winter wonderland adventurers, grab your camera and escape into this venture as each and every moment is a memory waiting to be captured!

Do not miss out on this wonderful, exotic and multi experience in Genting. Plan your trip with your family and friends as Genting Highlands welcomes you with lots of entertainment, food, shopping experience, chilled weather, awe-inspiring sceneries, best hotels and nightlife all integrated in one place where people of all age groups can enjoy.


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