Failing your exams?

So you have exams coming and you know you’re gonna FAIL? LOL. This post is sooooo for you. It’s alright. You can admit it proudly. Read this aloud: I AM GOING TO FAIL. LOL.
Don’t worry, Fat Mike here for you. Fat Mike gonna tell you how to save yourself.

Did you know that every university/school has a librarian, who has specialised subject knowledge and is always there to help you (refer to Nick Cage on the right)? They are there to ensure you use the correct library resources and get the most out of your studies?

These legendary individuals can help you design search tactics, access databases for your subject area and use them so you find the best information for your assignments or research. You can also learn how to reference properly. I never want to see another Wikipedia reference again!

REMEMBER: When it’s exam time, there will be a time when you don’t have enough time to study all your notes. Don’t panic. Go through your consolidated notes and ask your friends to spot test you.

You better go to bed at a reasonable time too. Don’t stay up all night trying to cram what you learn over the last three months. Doesn’t work y’all. Don’t stay up on the internet too. The memes can wait. Bae can wait too. Seriously bae ain’t bae is they can’t wait. Tha internets can wait too.

I know you guys don’t like reading but this isn’t meme central. I have things to do. When it’s exam time, look and break down the questions to make sure you really understand what you’re being asked. Don’t be a NOOB and assume. Look for the key parts of the question and then only can you determine the clues and be able to answer.
And if you have time and you finish the exam before the time is up, the general good idea would be to go back over everything. Now that’s being efficient. Thenx. Don’t’ fail. Go forth and be awesome.

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  1. Sheikh Ibrahim Bulala 7 years ago

    You always keep the morale of the students high with your updates,
    Keep it up and thanks so much

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