Shop til you drop – best bargains in Kuala Lumpur!

I’m gonna pop some tags
Only got twenty dollars in my pocket
I – I – I’m hunting, looking for a come-up
This is freaking awesome!

Put your hands up if Thrift Shop is one of your favourite songs playing in your mind right now! I’m on a budget but I need to replace my everyday clothes. I can’t be going to class with the same clothes for months. Looking for some perspective shopaholics? Let’s hit downtown to the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur to get the best of the best bargains!

Kuala Lumpur is not just full of high end fashion malls, it is also house to outlet-like malls where you can go on a spree for good quality and affordable gear. Buckle up for a crazy shopping journey!

1. Berjaya Time Square

Berjaya Time Square is one of the largest shopping malls located in Kuala Lumpur with an indoor amusement park! It is not only one of the favourite shopping spots for youngsters but you can also enjoy the indoor roller coaster and other cool rides.

From lower ground up to the sixth floor, the place is full of shops that offer a wide range of clothing and apparel, shoes, bags, swim wear, watches, accessories, cinemas, amusement parks, manicures and pedicures, massages, saloons etc…etc…etc. Phewww… my fingers are tired of listing down the amount of stuff you can find and do at Berjaya Time Square. And worry not as shopping starts as low as RM10 at certain shops!


 2. Sungei Wang Plaza

Tired of all that walking at Time Square? Well, you are not allowed to sit! Come on and walk to the next shopping mall on the other side of the road known as Sungai Wang Plaza. If you were not able to find something from Time Square, here’s the chance for you to roam around this shopping playground and find the perfect outfit for a day out, clubbing, a romantic dinner or any type of apparel that suits your fashionista soul!

3.LOT 10

One of my current favourite brand is H&M! And Lot 10 is a manmade heaven for all the H&M lovers! H&M store at LOT 10 is a 3 floor shopping wonderland for all those shopping addicts out there. It is definitely a go to shopping spot if you are a diehard fan of H&M fashions.

4. Fahrenheit!

Walk a little further and start blasting those K-POP tunes once you reach the Korean-ish shopping mall located right beside LOT 10. Here you can find a variety of Korean and Japanese designed shoes and apparel. The prices are also affordable and perfect for those who love elegance, K-POPish and cute looking outfits! Naneun gwiyeoun geos-eul joh-ahanda (I love cute things!!) Who knows you might be popping out of the mall speaking with a Korean slang.

5. Pavilion

I’m too cool for that! Feeling rich with that extra pocket money this month? Head out to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur for some affordable high end fashion and branded retail stores such as Victoria secret, Forever 21, Guess, Dorothy Perkins and many more! You might also get a fancy new outfit for a night out or replace your boring outfits with a whole new collection.

Tired of walking and strolling from one mall to the other? Rest those feet up at one of the Bars in Pavillion or book yourself a slot at the reflexology parlour. Just lay back and chit chat with your buddies while munching on some hot pizza and icy cold drinks for the night. The perfect ending for a perfect shopping day!

  1. Nowazesh Biplob 7 years ago

    Naneun gwiyeoun geos-eul joh-ahanda…. love cute things
    love to explore n shopping…
    hope im gonna be there soon to have a close look..

  2. Nowazesh Biplob 7 years ago

    n i love cute things tooo….
    love to explore n shopping…
    hope im gonna be there soon to have a close look..

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