How to manage college like a Bawse: 5 Pro-Tips from Alumni

Studying overseas can be quite overwhelming. Especially if you’ve never been away from your family before. Here are a few tips to help you go BOSS-MODE on your studies.

1. If you’re struggling to decide whether or not to go to class, get up, shower, and get dressed before you decide. Chances are you were just tired and you’ll go now that you’re up.

I know that feel bro

…or, you know. Just focus on not skipping class. Bonus: If you have trouble waking up to your alarm in the morning, set your phone alarm to the same noise your phone makes when people call you. Instant rush of stress that gets you out of bed and wakes you up.


2. When having a bad day, do something to make someone else’s day better

University can be stressful, especially when you’re away from your family. When you have one of those days (and they WILL come), focus on making someone else’s day better and yours will pick up.

“I got you bro…”

3. If you plan to start a diet, do it. Setting a start date only leads to eating worse prior to starting and makes obtaining the diet harder.

Going to college will provide a lot of you with means of discovering who you are and forming healthy or unhealthy habits. Oh and one more thing… Self-improvement is not something you do once, it’s something you do every day for the rest of your life… As soon as you start getting your act together, all sorts of other things will come up that you were not aware of, so don’t get discouraged, it’s part of the process you will get better a little each day.

“I’m into fitness chicken into my mouth!!”

4. When taking notes for a research paper that you are going to write, write down the page number of each specific note on. This will help you down the line when you are writing the paper and need to either cite a quote or if you just simply need to go back and re-read something.

This is something that I didn’t realize until late during my studies. Whenever I take notes for research papers that I am writing, I always lose track of what page the notes are from. If the paper you are reading is 15 pages and more (in which that’s usually the case), start taking this tip to save yourself so you do not have to peruse the entire document to find where you got one specific quote.

This guy knows what’s up

5. Start a group chat with everyone taking a particular class. It’s a quick way to meet people, get homework help, start study groups and discuss topics you may not have understood in class.

Just…you know…keep it civil ok?

Sure, you can organize study groups and meet up…but it may just be easier to handle everything on Whatsapp or Viber or WeChat. Let’s be honest, you’ll be on your phone, anyway right? Just make sure you keep things on topic and not spam members on the group chat.

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  1. Manje Son 6 years ago

    Studying and learning makes you stress which leads for craving food. Sp sweets and fizzy drinks.
    Its the power of self control.

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