iKad for International Students

What is an iKad?

The iKad is an identification card for foreign students and can be used as a means of identification in Peninsular Malaysia. The iKad will only be issued after the Student Pass is endorsed in the passport. Please note that the iKad is not a replacement travel document.

Each iKad will contain the following information:

1. Student Photograph

2. Passport Number

3. Nationality of the student

4. Name of the student’s Institution

5. Duration of the Student Pass

How do I apply for an iKad?

The application for the iKad will be done at the time the new Visa Approval Letter application or Renewal application is made. A fee of RM50 is included in the application fees.

What happens if I lose or damage my iKad?

In the event that the iKad is lost or damaged, the following fees will apply:

– For Lost/Damaged iKad (1st request) – RM150
– For Lost/Damaged iKad (2nd request for the same student) – RM300
– For Lost/Damaged iKad (3rd request for the same student) – MYR 500
– Every subsequent loss/damage of iKad (after damaging/losing it 3 times) for the same student – MYR500 each request

Important :
– The iKad is issued to assist in identifying whether a student has a valid student pass and is to be presented upon request.
– The iKad is non-transferable. No one other than the authorised student is permitted to use it.
– The student is responsible for paying any replacement fee when an iKad is lost or damaged.
– The student should notify his/her education institution immediately if the iKad is lost.
– Please note that the student will be required to submit a police report to their institute in order to apply for iKad replacement.
– If the student withdraws from their study, they should return the iKad to the institution.

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