International students can now use the autogate facility at the KLIA

  1. UAE 🇦🇪 1 year ago

    Nice 🙏🏻

  2. JunCheng Yang 1 year ago

    Can we use AES at Singapore border?

  3. Super Thanks Malaysia For The Extension

  4. Abdul Hamid Hamid 1 year ago

    Thanks you very much

  5. Mohammed kingimi 1 year ago

    Is it for students only or for all passengers and dependants?

  6. If I have my visa in MRP passport and I renew my passport to E-Passport can I use E gate?

  7. Ismail Rekiza 1 year ago

    It is important to use autogate.
    The latter helps save
    High level of security with the automated entry system at KLIA, I’m glad to hear that

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