Making Your Student Life Memorable

If your Instagram page is not full of pictures of you and your friends having fun, then you’re not doing it right. Seriously, being a university student is not just about studying and getting good grades. Don’t get me wrong, studying is the number one reason you are there in the first place, but you should take advantage of the life where you are surrounded by friends and having that freedom from parents and being your own person. I was an international student once too and I loved my experience of studying abroad. In my opinion, these are some key things that will make your student life more memorable.

Live with a roommate

Life gets more interesting once you live with roommates. I used to live alone and as soon as I had roommates, my life was filled with random and spontaneous events. One of the spontaneous things that I did with my roommates, which until now I am not sure whether it was legal or not, is that we climbed the university mascot statue in the middle of campus at midnight because we were bored during the holidays. But having a roommate not just about having someone to have fun with. A roommate is like a family member who lives with you but does not have the right to boss you around like a family member does. So that’s pretty cool.


If you don’t plan to travel while you’re in university then you are missing out big time, especially if you are an international student. When else do you get a chance to play tourist in another country so easily? Grab a few friends and go to rural areas to get a true taste of what the county is like. Imagine the fun activities you will can do, the sceneries you will see and of course, the Instagram-worthy pictures you will take!
Go Watch a National Sports Event
Even if you are not a fan sports or don’t understand the game very well, just go watch it anyway. It’s fun to just be there and cheer for any team with your friends. Just pick a sport where you know a lot of hyped-up people will be, buy tickets and enjoy the show. Whatever the outcome is, I’m sure you’ll have fun and maybe a little hoarse from cheering too much.

Document your memories

Have you heard of the term “Take a picture. It will last longer”? Well, I live by that phrase. Your student life doesn’t last forever whether you want it to or not. So take pictures so you have some sweet memories to look back on. And for me, my graduation pictures where I am wearing a robe and holding a scroll doesn’t represent my student life, but all the pictures and moments that lead to that day represents it so much better. So why not take that extra few seconds to snap a picture of you and your buddies having fun? Get out there, be adventurous, take pictures and most of all, remember to have fun.

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