Historical city of Malacca

Malacca is located in the southern part of Malaysia and it is just a 2 hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. If you don’t want to drive, just drop by the bus station at Bandar Tasik Selatan and get a bus ticket for RM10.00 to Malacca and within 2 hours you can say ‘Hello Malacca’.

“You’ve forgotten one very important thing mate… I’m Captain Jack Sparrow” …. Erm..wrong movie mate…

Malacca is also known as “The Historic State”. According to a popular Malaysian Legend, a famous ruler known as Parameswara named the state “Melaka” after resting under a tree known as Pokok Melaka.

Even though I am not particularly interested in the “History” subject, Malacca is now a key part of my annual travel plan! People always ask me ‘Hey what’s so interesting about Malacca, buildings everywhere, hot place, no entertainment bla, bla, bla, bla?!”………. Wait! Take a deep breath human, and let me bring you on a delightful journey to Malaysia’s historical state.
I am a huge, huge fan of FOOD!! I can literally DROOL all over food and I have a long term, enduring, passionate, intense relationship with ….. FOOD! That’s how much I love FOOD! And you know what; Malacca never fails to provide me with the best local delights and Baba Nyonya delicacies!

*Read at your own risk* This is going to make your belly growl out loud!

Chicken Rice Balls are where it’s at

1. Chicken rice balls

I know everyone has eaten chicken rice before, but this chicken rice is in BALLS! Shaped into 5 medium sized balls made of aromatic chicken rice and served with roasted or steam chicken, this is one of Malacca’s most famous dishes. All you need to do is take a pair of chopsticks, pick up a ball, dip it into a small plate of homemade chili sauce and pop it in your mouth! Now slowly chew the rice and chicken and feel the delicious flavours dancing in your mouth!

Also, be prepared to queue outside the shop for a few minutes, because this place is packed! But don’t worry as the service is very efficient, you will be seated in no time!

Spicy – You’ve been warned.

2. Baba Nyonya Curry Laksa!

Slurp…Slurp… and slurp the delicious local noodles all you want! Also don’t forget to carry a packet of tissue with you when you indulge in a bowl of your favourite Baba Nyonya curry laksa! Why bring a tissue? Because you will definitely need to wipe off all that water pouring out of your nose! It’s hot, it’s curry-full with succulent prawns, egg, foo chok (soy made) that is deliciously full of flavour.

Again, be prepared to face the queue before you find a place for yourselves!

3. Cendol for the sweet tooth!

A bowl of shaved ice, dressed in sweet coconut milk with a few drizzles of thick Gula Malacca syrup! Let this mixture melt in your mouth after the crazy hunt for chicken rice balls and curry laksa!

4. Here comes the night and more food for me!

Malacca is well known for its weekend Night Market at Jonker Street.

Jonker Street Night Market.

This is the place you can go hunting for souvenirs as well as Malacca’s famous Kebaya (traditional hand stitched Baba Nyonya attire). Kebaya is a common form of dressing for Malaysians and can be bought anywhere. But what makes Malacca famous for Kebaya is the unique designs that are hand loomed with love using the finest thread and materials. It is not an easy task as some of the designs take weeks to prepare!

You can find a Kebaya that suits you from designs ranging from the simplest, to the most sophisticated!

Take your pick of Baba Nyonya Kebaya.

Jonker Street is not only famous for local Malaysian products, but also because it is a food haven! Walk along the streets while enjoying famous snacks such as durian puff, dried grilled squids, dumplings, popsicles, pineapple tarts and many more. Such a tiring list! Do go to Malacca and let us know how long your list was!

5. For a person who loves theme parks!

Is your body full of calories due to the food hunt?! Let’s workout now! Head on to Malacca’s theme park (A’Famosa Resort) for some fun in the water! You can also go to the Old West to join the carnival during festive seasons.

Old West Cowboy Show.

I went there for a Halloween carnival and the place was filled with zombies and creepy ghosts walking around! You also get to watch the fire show performed by ghosts!

Even a historical place can bring you loads of excitement! Get your friends to join you on the trip to Malacca and expect to hit the gym when you get back. We need to work off those calories.


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