Save That Money

A wise man once said, “Cash rules everything around me, C.R.E.A.M., get the money. Dollar dollar ringgit ringgit bill, y’all.”

That man was not Fat Mike. Fat Mike learnt the hard way. Now (as you read this), Fat Mike gets paid to tell you not to learn the hard way. It was a long and painful journey. Almost felt like I was Chris Gardner sleeping in public restrooms but without boy Jayden to worry about. I could tell you all about it but I digress.

First things first: Download a free application to view all your finances. Set your budget and track your money. You can try out apps like “Spending Tracker or Monefy” (available Android and iOS). And no, I was not paid to advertise these apps. I wish I was though. Now you have no excuses to NOT know how much money you’re burning.

I’m not here to tell you how to spend your cheddar. I’m here to tell you how to save some of that cheddar and you can live happily until the semester is over. Now, let’s get to it.

Ask for Student Discounts



Carry your student ID/iKad wherever you go.! You can use get discounts at places like Kenny Rogers, Kitschen, Forever 21 etc. All you have to do is ask. There is no point trying to be a big baller on a budget, fam.



Get a shopping list (well, you don’t have to read this if you are rich)

Write down your shopping list each week. When you go shopping for food, drinks and other necessities like marshmallows, only pick up what you wrote down.

Come up with a meal plan. Also try and make sure you don’t unnecessarily go to the shops more than you should be going.
Another tip: Tesco Value tuna tastes just the same as the expensive stuff.

Go to the cinemas ONLY on Wednesday or use your student card!
GSC, TGV and MBO Cinemas – all have student discounts available. Usually this can apply to all shows before 6pm (check the internets yo). You can also get cool student rates as long as you have a valid student ID or you can also whip out the iKad.

For those who always complain that they have never traveled around Malaysia
Stop moping. Malaysia got the best public transport. You can go anywhere. We have free buses. The trains go everywhere. Your excuses are not valid. Listen to me.
1. Create a budget
2. Use a map or guidebook
3. Use public transportation.
4. Stay in a hostel.
5. Eat street food (you won’t die if you eat like a backpacker)
6. Maximum 3 days (2 nights sleep)
7. Don’t buy anything you don’t need and take a lot of pictures
8. There! Wasn’t so hard right? You just had to plan it.

Good Luck, y’all!

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    Love it! Thanks for this enthusiastic words!

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