Student vs Food

They call me Fat Mike for a reason: (insert Game of Thrones reference here) if Kuala Lumpur was King’s Landing back in the day, Fat Mike would be fat king Robert Baratheon. Does that mean I get killed by a wild boar in the future? Hmmmm……need to stop thinking this way.

Today, I give to you the ultimate food challenges in Kuala Lumpur. For the noobs who don’t know what a food challenge is, don’t confuse it with an eating contest. A food challenge can be anything from drinking five Teh Tarik drinks in 30 minutes to munching on 10 of the hottest satay sticks ever.

So there a few places in the mighty KL which can lead you down the delicious and savoury depths of gluttony.

QUEST: The On Fire Challenge
WHERE: The Street Café (SS15 Subang Jaya….use Uber lah!)
CHALLENGE: Eat some spicy Korean noodles in under 8 minutes. If you are victorious, your face will be added on their wall of fame and you get to enjoy a life time supply of free drinks.
You don’t want to try this if you have no tolerance for spicy food. These aren’t your K-pop friendly typa noodles. They are straight from hell!

QUEST: 9-1-1 Challenge
WHERE: Mikey’s New York Pizza (Bangsar )
CHALLENGE: Eat the so called “Spiciest pizza in Asia”. What’s with the heat in your mouth fetish, Malaysia?!
You have to chow down a humongous pizza in 40 minutes. This thing is huge, covered with peppers, habaneros, chillies and it’s sprinkled with ghost pepper powder. If you win, you get RM500 and your face on their wall of fame. Only one person has ever succeeded this challenge!

QUEST: The Matterhorn Burger Challenge
WHERE: Euro Deli Restaurant (Damansara)
CHALLENGE: Take note, this is a non-halal challenge:- another challenge that has only been accomplished by one person. He broke out of the matrix. So this test consists of 11 slices of Swiss cheese together with a lot of tomato slices, gherkins, bacon, lettuce and a 1.5kg of pork patty with special burger sauce….plus the bun, lolz.
You will have to sign a waiver when you attempt this one. No one wants to be responsible if you choke.

You have 45 minutes to make this bad boy disappear. If you fail (and you shall!), you gottta pay RM88 for the burger but if you win, you don’t pay for the burger and they pay you RM100 plus you get a mystery gift!

QUEST: The Chilli Rush Challenge
WHERE: Chilli Rush (Petaling Jaya)
You have 2 minutes to eat 11 hot wings. If you worked for the CIA and had to torture someone, this would be the way to do it. There is no prize for this one. That’s because no one has ever been able to do it. Go and try. There are various levels of spiciness: CR1 being ‘just meh’ hot to CR10 being ‘I’m so sorry for all the things I ever did!’ hot.

Your face will be on a real wall of fame if you can eat them all. Don’t sue me if you burn your tongue and sound like Darth Vader forever. Fat Mike is not responsible. Ok? Good. Now go and try my young gluttonous padawans. Fill yer bellies and be merry.

  1. jackson chong 6 years ago

    May I know how can I join these event ? I m very interested n I can to take the challenge

  2. Hendrika Kwan 2 years ago

    Do u have a follow up article on the latest food challenge in KL? If so add me on instagram at Punk_gardener

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