Study, sleep, repeat. Seriously? Get a hobby!


A lot of questions need to be answered so that the world continues to exist.

Then there are those questions that have never been answered since the dawn of time itself.

1. Why is the ‘cash me ousside girl’ so famous?

2.Did Donald Trump really have a cameo in Home Alone 2?

3.Is Mourinho really the ‘chosen one’?

4.Is Salt Bae married?

5.Do I have a hobby?

I know all of these questions matter a lot but the most important is no.5. Sleeping 12 hours is not a hobby. Sorry. Neither is being on Instagram, Snapchat or whatever is popping for the next five hours. Knowing what Kim Kardashian wore last week doesn’t count too.

Hobbies will make you a better student. You need to accept this. It’s a fact. If you don’t have a hobby, take some time to ask yourself what you like doing. Once you figure it out, allocate some time every week to do your thing and stick to it. Did you know that hobbies can actually help you improve your people skills?

Fat Mike’s hobby is hiking (read my hiking posts when I get time to tell you about doing the dab on a mountain top). It started off as a weekend thing and it became a passion of mine. It just needed timing and planning. I decided to prioritize what mattered most. I came up with a well-defined timetable that clearly stated what I could do during the week/weekends without affecting my study schedule.

Join a club – Chess club? There is no club available to cater to your interests? Start your own club and get some friends to join in.

Play a sport – coaching a team counts too! So many sports are available on campus/off campus. Futsal, a variant of football is the most popular sport in Malaysia. Hey, beer pong is a sport too (hint hint).

If you like using your hands, follow the path of Salt Bae and learn to cook. It could get your friends begging you to make them a dish of their favourite food.

You might not acquire a foul mouth like Gordon Ramsay but you could surprise your family the next time you go home. True story! I made my mom some nasi kandar once and she thought I fooled her and ordered take-away! (read my Penang post if you wanna know where the best nasi kandar is!)

Atau anda belajar bahasa, lah. potrebbe rivelarsi utile quando si è in vacanza! Translation: learn a language, dude (Bahasa Melayu). It could come in handy when you are on holiday! (Italian). Learning a language might seem tedious but it’s actually fun and you can make friends this way! Learn all the bad words! Yay! The same goes for music. Get the bae of your dreams by learning how to jam that ukulele!

My favourite pastimes! Pick up walking, hiking or cycling. It’s free too!  Find out some of the best places near your college and go and take a walk. This is like therapy. You distress as you enjoy the scenery.

And guess what? You can pick up photography as well whilst you’re at it! You could take that priceless bird shot that ends up on the cover of National Geographic!

So you now don’t have an excuse to be stuck at home on Facebook for the whole weekend. Get off your couch and discover what is out there for you. Transform yourself with new skills and experience a whole new world. Surprise yourself. Become a painter or something!


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